How to Change Your Client Portal Password

This tutorial will teach you how to change your password for your Client Portal. Remember, this password is different than the password for your cPanel. This tutorial will assume that you are already logged into your Client Portal. If you are having problems doing that, or don't know how, please view the tutorial named "How to Login to the Client Portal".

On the top menu bar, click the link that says "Hello _____". a dropdown menu will appear, click on the "Change Password" link. At the Change Password screen, type your current password in the first box. Then enter your new password into the second box, and confirm it by typing it again in the third box. Then click the "Save Changes" button. Your password has now been changed.
Remember, you should change your password often for security reasons. Click the "Client Portal" link in the top menu bar, and that will take you back to the Client Portal. This is the end of this tutorial. You now know how to change your Client Portal password.

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